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A 7 Step Plan to Help You Overcome Your Business Writing Challenges. Go on the Book Tour to find out more....

Identify What You're Writing

What are you writing?

Why are you writing it?

Who are you writing for?

What do you want to achieve?

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Ascertain Deadline Date

Are you working to a deadline?

How much time do you have to complete your writing?

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Develop Your Plan

What tasks need to be done in order to complete your writing?

Can any of these tasks be undertaken simultaneously?

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Create Content

Start writing....

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Checking Process

Spot and correct your errors.

Make sure your writing is accurate, professional-looking and free from errors.

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Publication Process

How will you reach your intended audience?

Are you printing your publication?

Are you using digital media?

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Monitor the responses to your writing.

Have you achieved your original objectives?

Learn lessons for next time.

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